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About Us

Real Time Cam is a service division of Medias Corporation, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Medias is no stranger to video and audio data streaming technology, in 1992 we developed a multi-media project called “Radio Manager”. The “Radio Manager” system was a technological breakthrough for radio stations, allowing them to digitally record to a computer hard drive. After audio digitalization came video digitalization and Media’s was immediately onboard to further develop this cutting edge technology. After completing a few custom projects we have succeeded in integrating software and hardware into a user friendly turn-key video surveillance system.

Now with video digitalization, internet live streaming and the help of global computer and internet improvements, Real Time Cam is ready for you to use anywhere in the world!

Medias long history with the technology behind Real Time Cam assures a product for today’s savvy consumer, who has a desire for an easy to use comprehensive video and audio data streaming in real time with recording capabilities. A combination of inexpensive high speed internet and fast reliable computers (built by Medias Corporation) combined with our experience and dedication allows us to offer a superior digital video surveillance product.

Now every small or large business, household or public institution can afford to have an easy to use and reliable digital surveillance security system, this is Real Time Cam.

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